for the import and export of industrial waste

A sales team at your disposal, which is continually informed about developments in European regulations relating to the import-export of industrial waste.

Expertise dedicated to supporting professionals in the management of their production waste.

Support for producing administrative documents such as notifications.


Damaged Batteries

  • Development of partnerships with companies specializing in packaging solutions and transport.
  • Official distributor of Gelkoh solutions.


Batteries and Industrial Waste

  • Collection throughout Europe.
  • Individual or collective collection point integrated into the tour.
  • Transport to a collection center.
  • Transport to a sorting center.
  • Direct delivery to a processing center.


Batteries and Industrial Waste

  • Customized transport according to customer needs.
  • Solid network of logistics partners present in Europe.
  • Partners authorized to transport hazardous waste and respecting the standards set by European Regulations.


packaging solutions

SNAM has available space dedicated to the storage of packaging solutions.