Aveyron: SNAM invests €12m in Viviez to conquer Southern Europe

On October 25, 2022, La Dépêche du Midi published an article on the arrival of Cornélius Fink as Chairman of SNAM Groupe. Extracts.

Cornélius Fink joined the company in April and became President of SNAM Groupe in June. A German national from the Stuttgart region, he is 46 years old, married with two children.

Cornélius Fink worked for 20 years in the automotive industry at Voestalpine. He began his career in 2002 as a design engineer, before moving on to other responsibilities, becoming President of a Voestalpine company in Romania and COO of another Voestalpine plant, with 700 employees and sales of 200 million euros.

What is SNAM’s recruitment plan?

There is a 12 million euro investment plan for recycling activities. The aim is to increase our production capacity. Additional recruitment will be planned from 2024 onwards as production capacity increases.

What is the 12 million investment?

They will be dedicated to recycling activities for SNAM in Viviez. We need to increase our Lithium-Ion processing capacity. SNAM is already a European leader in nickel cadmium and older technologies, but our aim is to move towards recycling new-generation lithium-ion batteries, and to quadruple our processing capacity to meet market demand, from 1,200 tonnes to an additional 5,000 tonnes. Our aim is to focus on southern European countries (France, Spain, Italy, Portugal). We need to reduce C02 emissions; it doesn’t make sense to get batteries from the other side of the planet and bring them here. We have to think in environmental terms too.