TOYOTA selected the company SNAM for the collection and recycling of the Nickel Metal Hydrid (NiMH) high voltage batteries, coming from the hybrid vehicles. Carefully follow the instructions in the procedures in order to return safely the high voltage batteries to the approved recycling center.


TOYOTA Europe a confié à SNAM la collecte et le recyclage des batteries de véhicules hybrides. Vous trouverez ci-contre la procédure et les documents nécessaires.

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All Toyota / Lexus high voltage batteries (HVB) are recyclable and should be returned to a recovery / recycling center at end of life.
TOYOTA has established specific procedures to ensure that HVB are recovered.
TOYOTA does not approve the re-use of the HVB in any other applications than the use in a hybrid vehicle.
Do not under any circumstances disassemble the HVB.

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