• By a new Prefectural Order, SNAM has obtained a significant increase in the quantities that can be treated at the Saint Quentin Fallavier site.

  • The collection and treatment of the first batteries from new generation hybrid vehicles.

  • SNAM treats the first tonnages of alkaline and saline batteries.

  • SNAM acquires VERA Chimie Développements at Irigny.

  • The Viviez site is certified to ISO 14001 by BVQI.

  • The FLORIDIENNE group becomes the sole shareholder of SNAM.

  • SNAM starts the treatment the first tonnages of Lithium-Ion. SNAM starts setting up an environmental management system based on standard ISO 14001 for treating nickel-cadmium batteries at Viviez.

  • SNAM opens a sorting facility for used batteries at the Saint Quentin Fallavier site.

  • The Floridienne group shares the capital. SNAM creates Euro bat tri (EBT), based at the Saint Quentin Fallavier site.

  • En 1988, the FW Hempel group together with the Vieille Montagne group creates the Société Aveyronnaise de Valorisation et d'Affinage des Métaux (Savam), which constructs a facility using the SNAM process under licence at Viviez in the Aveyron.

  • SNAM is established in St-Quentin-Fallavier. It is authorized to treat 800 tonnes of waste containing cadmium.

  • SNAM created in Lyon à Lyon

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