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2018: a year full of projects to deploy. On one front, SNAM will be continuing the push to improve our treatment processes for decontaminating recyclates from our recycling activities and to scale up our facilities, as this year we will be developing the ‘cathode materials’ segment—high-purity molten salts for manufacturing batteries. On another front, the SNAM teams unveiled the new PHENIX project on Monday 11 December 2017—a project to create a facility manufacturing new batteries from 80% recyclate components.

There is no let-up in the rising demand for energy, and the energy storage challenges emerging in certain parts of the world will soon be surfacing in Europe too.

The expansion of e-mobility and renewable energies is putting more and more industrial power batteries on the market. Forecasts for new electric-power cars making it to market point to exponential growth in the coming years, bringing volumes that we need to tap into to fuel the PHENIX project.

Industrial development will be packaged into 6 phases, with ambitions targeting the recruitment of 645 people and €25 million in investment of over the next 6 years.
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