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2018 was a banner year for us, with the company registering successes across the board. SNAM won new contracts for car battery collection and recycling, and the Group forged ahead with development of Phoenix-project batteries in new batteries built from 80% recyclate, and recruited extra manpower to meet growing volumes of batteries for recycling. We registered the all-new ‘SNAM Group’ as a company and completed the full buyout of SOPAVE (Société de Plastiques de l’Aveyron) share equity from SUEZ. SNAM was awarded Generali’s Global Performance label—the culmination of an unrelenting prevention effort to control all major-accident human and environmental hazards facing a SEVESO site.
SNAM Group sets out for 2019 with the following ambitions:
  • Industrial scale-up of Phoenix-project batteries;
  • Waste collection extended to reach outside EU boundaries;
  • Expanded service offer to all-electric and hybrid-electric automakers;
Improved purity and value of recyclates.
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Eric Nottez
, President

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